OC Improv Group | Improve your memory, thinking and speaking
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An improv class? Like comedy?

No! OC Improv Group is not a comedy class or meant for entertainers. It’s a personal development course that uses improv as the vehicle for our growth. 

Just the Facts:


6 Week Course

Starting Monday, October 2, 2017
Ending Monday, November 6, 2017




2130 East 4th Street, Suite 160
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(Upstairs Training Room)


How Much?

Usually $250, but we have a Special for only $195

What will I get out this course?

Therapeutic (Me time)

Our classes start with a group sharing period where everybody gets to share about their past week. This wonderful “me-time” builds team rapport, allows us the opportunity to practice active listening and gives us a forum to share about our life. Many students have stated that this is their favorite part because it’s a wonderful and safe space to decompress and let go of the outside world.

Improve Your Memory

Our mind is like a muscle and like any muscle it needs to be exercised to stay strong. Lack of mental exercising causes us to be forgetful, contributes to mental fog and leads to us being reactive instead of proactive in life. Improv games are one of the best and most enjoyable ways to exercise the mind. Games encourage quick thinking, instant utilization of information and strengthens our memory. 

Build Confidence

Do you suffer from overthinking? Overthinking is unhealthy habit that causes anxiety, needless worry and stress. However, there is a part of us that just knows the right thing to do. Call it your instinct or soul or essence or however you want to label it. In improv, you are not allowed to walk into a scene knowing how it will play out. You have to make an instant decision once information is given to you and go with it. This builds and strengthens your relationship with your instinct and bypasses your logical brain. After six weeks you’ll notice you don’t second guess yourself and can act and speak more confidently than before.

Improved communication skills

Improv is an exercise in communication and collective story telling. It gets us out of our head and present with our peers. We learn the power of rich, intentional and directed language. Whether you are giving a presentation, teaching a class, or just speaking to one person, you’ll learn improv will enhance the quality of your communication.

Personalized Coaching

This is what sets us apart for all other improv classes. Since we are a personal development program you will receive expert coaching from Logan Diaz, a workshop trainer and certified NLP practitioner. He will work with you on acknowledging and breaking through your fears and limiting beliefs and coach you to your greater self.


Classes Will Be Announced Soon!

We are in the process of finding a new facility to host our classes, probably in the Tustin area. 

Fill out the form below and we’ll keep you informed about upcoming classes.


OC Improv Group was founded in 2013 by Logan Diaz, a workshop trainer, speaker and development coach. Logan studied improv at the world famous Groundlings in Hollywood, acting at the Marlon Hoffman Acting Institute and was the former host of TV’s ‘On The Scene’, an improv style comedy show. Logan has had extensive training in improv, public speaking, persuasive language, dynamic presentations and is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Program practitioner.